Dox Design- Blog Feature

Dox Design- Blog Feature

Companies killing it on Instagram - see the full blog post here


From Dox Design - 

Dapper Dexter

If you’re looking to GROW your pet style and product business efficiently and quickly, look no further than Dapper Dexter. They are #killingit by growing their following about almost 10k every 3 months. Say whhhhattt!?

The best things they do on Instagram:

1. Their profile is optimized to the fullest. It’s branded consistently between their logo and their highlight icons. They outline specifically who they are, what they sell, and where they sell to. Done, done, and done.



2. They do a fabulous job of gathering engagement and growing their Instagram through collaborations and giveaways. Not only that, but the giveaways are timely and purposeful to relate to their audience (dog mom’s).

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