10,000 + MASKS

Posted by Samantha H. on

@dapper.dexter has KILLED it these last few months. And I just want to share this with you all - This may just be a ridiculous stack of cardboard to most. And there’s no way it’s going to fit into our recycling bins for Thursday’s pick up. OOPS! Ha!

I started saving the bolts from fabric we used up to make masks starting in April. Each bolt holds 8-12 YARDS of fabric each- holy 💩. We have worked crazy long days to make this happen. And seeing all these empty fabric bolts this is so worth it to me. Our little shop (a team of 2) has sewn about 10,000 + masks in 4 short months while still working on all our wholesale and website orders. We’ve shipped out hundreds and hundreds of boxes of mask donations. I am just really proud of our little shop.

Thankful for you all sharing our shop and showing our shop so much love during this crazy 2020. Please stay safe out there furiends. 🖤

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