• $36.00

This leash is 5 feet long

Product materials:  
leashes are made of 100% organic 1/2 inch cotton rope. Hemp. 
Snap hook is gold.
Each leash is hand-spliced and Secured with a unique whipping process for added strength. Each one is hand-dyed.

*Items are hand-dyed so there may be a slight variation in color. Colors may very slightly from what is showing on your monitor.

leashes may be spot-washed with a washcloth using cold water.  Please lay out flat to dry. Cotton can shrink when wet so please keep a close eye on your leash while it drys. If shrinking occurs, pulling on it gently while wet should bring it back to it's original length.

Never leave your leash attached to dog unattended.

Never let your dog chew on the leash.

Do not use if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to dye.

Please monitor your pet while wearing their Dapper Dexter products. Dapper Dexter is not responsible for any damage caused to the pet or human due to misuse.



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