• $10.00

We do not allow cancellations or returns on these items. 

Materials - two layers of cotton fabric (sewn) with elastic straps. Our fabric is clean and smoke free. We use high quality materials. No filter. We make our elastics slightly longer on purpose so there’s less issues of them not fitting / too tight - you can knot them to shorten. 


Size: Designed for adults. Fits most.

Please note, you can wash these! Its best to own a few per individual that way when one needs to be washed, you still have one to wear for protection. Best practice is to wash or spray with disinfectant before use. Wash in warm water. Dry inside of a delicate bag or lay flat to dry.

DONATIONS: If you would like to make a donation towards making masks you can paypal to or venmo to username @dapperdexter

Please note, Dapper Dexter is not making medical claims for these masks. These are not tested. We do not guarantee these will protect you against COVID-19. I am just simply putting my sewing skills to work to help the public - and donate more masks to our front line workers. These do not replace N95s. These mask are a great physical reminder to keep your hands off your face.

Please monitor your pet while wearing their Dapper Dexter products. Dapper Dexter is not responsible for any damage caused to the pet or human due to misuse.

Each product is copyrighted by Dapper Dexter™.

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