• $1,720.00

Hey! Thank you so much for your interest in shopping with our store- I absolutely LOVE your boutique and will be making a special post and sending all of our customers to you to buy our bandanas from you + all your goodies!

Here's an order I put together -  I just thought a good mix of fall plaids, christmas and a few fun designs would be perfect - I even included some fabrics to only be sold in your boutique as Freckled Poppy exclusives. Our customers are very loyal and when we make a social post about the exclusive bandanas you have I know they will all flock your way and snag them all up. These are all ready to ship.

Included is free shipping on us + all our items will be professionally packaged.

Our normal wholesale pricing is $11-12 per bandana and they retail for $22-26 each. However I wanted to give you the best pricing I could so Ive made them each $10 for wholesale pricing.


Heres a break down per design & per size :

orange black fall plaid dog bandana 5S + 5L

buffalo plaid dog bandana 11S + 15L

orange and white plaid (FP exclusive) 6S + 6L

gray santa (FP exclusive) 8S + 15L

black and gold christmas tree (FP exclusive) 4S + 6L

yellow donut (FP exclusive) 12S + 15L

blue plaid (FP exclusive) 12S + 16L

fall flower 8S + 8L

mint plaid 10S + 10L


172 bandanas total